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Hart uses it to show up multiple locations frequented by his daughter and her date to keep tabs on them.The second-place winner was a wacky Heinz ad that featured dachshunds that donned hot-dog bun outfits.A rep for Taco Bell tells Consumerist that the item was always meant to be available for a limited-time, but that because of its popularity it will likely grace the menu again at some point.Still, offering the item for just two months seems like a short duration considering Taco Bell tested the meal for nearly two years — first in Bakersfield, CA, in 2015 and in Kansas City, Mo, in 2016 — before taking it national.Within a few hours, Daniel had released the novella titled Trump Temptations: The Billionaire & The Bellboy on Amazon. In an interview with Paper Magazine, Elijah said that based off the press of his books, he was able to sell two television shows.One docu-series titled 'Elijah Daniel is Insane', and one scripted comedy titled 'Social' co-starring Vine comedian Christine Sydelko.

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The main advertising formula for this year’s Super Bowl pretty much boiled down to three words: Make ‘em laugh.For 28 consecutive years, USA TODAY’s Ad Meter has stood as one of the nation's most closely watched gauges of advertising success.This image provided by Mini USA shows a still from the company's Super Bowl 50 "Defy Labels" ad spot featuring former Major League Baseball pitcher Randy Johnson.Until advertisers return to crafting ads that get people to think instead of prodding them to tweet, the Super Bowl will continue to be overrun with 30-second bits of frenetic hype that make us want to scream rather than buy. Tonight’s game had more than two ads centered on excrement. Elijah began his career as an internet personality telling jokes on his Twitter account.

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