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This series began production with the large V-shaped peghead, but shortly after switched to the small fork style peghead that is the most commonly found (the large V-shaped peghead was offered optionally).

The Baby configuration has an unbound fingerboard and dot inlays, while the Baby Deluxe has a bound fingerboard and block inlays.1983-1984: Bolt-neck Bel Aire superstrat models.1985: The Japanese-built Hollywood models were introduced.1985-1987: Korean bolt-neck Signature superstrat models.1987-1990: More Korean bolt-neck designs arrive: the Eighty-Eight (perhaps a year early?

Please consult the spec sheet for each model for a complete listing of available options.

It's larger in size than a Les Paul, yet smaller than a DOT 335.

The mahogany body has a laminated maple top with a classy pearl white finish adorned with gold hardware, while the hard maple neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard.

I went to the local music store, where they used to have a bulletin board with index cards where local musicians would place want ads for other musicians they needed for their bands. “It’s only four strings, so it can’t be that hard, and I don’t even have to worry about chords”. I don’t know what songs we played, but I know we ended up playing Top 40 stuff, some of which I used to sing the lead on as well.

It’s pretty obvious that guitarists are concerned mostly with guitars, amps and overall tone—and that’s PG’s central focus, too—but sometimes we can neglect the small but basic precautionary steps that would protect our most prized possessions.

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