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While there’s plenty of science to what kinds of ratios of faces we find “beautiful,” this app shows the shortcomings of actually applying these metrics to human desire.

If you want to date someone who looks like Jennifer Lopez, it’s because she’s insanely gorgeous in a way that’s more than just the ratio of distance between her nose and ears or the spacing of her eyes.

"I'm talking to probably about nine guys right now," she admitted during an interview with 104.3 Myfm’s Valentine in the Morning.

She also revealed that her profile is pretty basic with her tagline simply boasting: "Let's get pizza."But while Hollywood stars hopping on the online dating bandwagon is becoming a trend, some professional matchmakers advise against it.

Medieval period, glass factories were process of doing online dating and wished you could.

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Their dating lives are scrutinized enough as it is with our culture and obsession with celebrity," she explains.The app—appropriately called—uses facial recognition software to match you to attractive look-alikes.You can upload a face of your favorite celebrity (or even someone you know in real life) and will scan through Tinder and other dating sites like Match or Plenty of Fish for faces that look similar.Presumably, you could even match with an actual celebrity, if they're on the platform.RELATED: So, It Looks Like a Ton of Celebrities Are Actually Breaking FTC Laws on Instagram While the dating sites might not be too happy with right now, we still think this kind of technology could (literally) change the face of virtual dating.

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