Updating code explorer tree

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You can perform other functions while the tree is populating.

A specific node in a tree can be identified either by a Tree Path, an object that encapsulates a node and all of its ancestors, or by its display row, where each row in the display area displays one node. Finally, it puts the tree in a scroll pane, a common tactic because showing the full, expanded tree would otherwise require too much space.If you implement a custom object, you should implement its constructor, specifying the class that implements Tree Node as an argument.You should probably put the tree inside a scroll pane, so that the tree would not take up too much space.Obviously I press it obsessively too, just sayin :)I am sorry but even at Tortoise 1.8.6, a Cleanup will still take a long time to refresh shell overlay.I have to F5, Cleanup, go up to parent folder, go in again.

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